Our cultivation and processing facility in Utah is located in Corinne, a beautiful town located about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. If you’re decent at geography you’ll note that Utah isn’t exactly in the backyard of Ohio, so our journey to Utah was one that came about unexpectedly. In the summer of 2019, Standard Wellness was introduced to a Beehive state resident that was interested in working together on the license applications. Fast forward a few months and some sleepless nights of writing and strategizing, and we were awarded one of the eight cultivation licenses in the state of Utah. While our permanent facility is slated for completion by end of 2022, we are currently offering a smaller selection of products to the market that are grown and produced in our temporary production space. We believe strongly that the key to being successful across multiple states is maintaining a focus on local community and local job creation, and as such we have built a strong team of Utah residents to launch our operations in Corinne. Our employees believe fervently in the benefits that medical cannabis can have in a patient’s life, and they bring that passion to work with them every day.

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