Outstanding cannabis takes time, attention, experience and passion. It takes the expertise and ability to bring out the best from each and every plant. From seed to harvest, our singular objective is to elevate the standard of cultivation and of produce flower that exemplifies all that cannabis can be.

Our state-of-the-art, 57,000 sq. ft. cultivation facility is one of the most technologically advanced grow facilities in the world. With a focus on craftsmanship and a commitment to perfecting the process, we grow approximately 30 different strains, cure every plant to bring out the natural flavors and hand-trim to ensure everything is perfect.


Made without solvents to promote the full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profiles and all the benefits that come with them. Our solventless products include Bubble Hash, Live Rosin, Rosin, Budder, and Jams.

The Standard Fresh Press


A translucent, solventless concentrate that delivers the power of the entire cannabis plant. This all-natural concentrate captures the full spectrum cannabinoid and flavor profiles from the flower it originates from. Patients can expect clean, full-flavor, and full-body effects. 

Diamonds & Sauce

A mixed hydrocarbon extract that embodies a robust cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile of fresh flower. A perfect balance of potency, flavor and aroma that makes for a powerful cannabis experience.

Live Resin

A mixed hydrocarbon extract created by whipping together Diamonds & Sauce resulting in a flavorful and potent concentrate. All the flavor and benefits of Diamonds & Sauce with an easier to use consistency.


Made with an advanced filtration system that removes impurities and delivers patients a smooth and tasty vaping experience. Enjoy the refined character of your favorite strain, with the cannabinoids and terpenes you want and nothing you don’t. 

Subscritical Sugar

A combination of our hydrocarbon system with subcritical CO2 extraction, this extract delivers a high potency THCa sugar with a subcritical cannabis terpene blend, for an extremely robust aroma and full-bodied flavor.


A mixed hydrocarbon extract that’s potent, flavorful and easy to manipulate. As the name implies, it has a higher concentration of fats, waxes, and lipids which gives it a waxy, putty-like consistency.
A white box with a black label and an open jar with Live Badder


Freshly frozen immediately after harvest, this extract retains the true cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid characteristics of the plant. Be ready for a smooth, rich texture with an incredible smell and taste.
A black back and its shatter


A mixed hydrocarbon extract made by pulling the most valuable and desirable parts of the plant. Glassy and translucent, smooth, and solid, this concentrate delivers a potent dose of THC and an amazing smell and taste.
An open box with terpene jar and a tool


Savor that Terp flavor with our cannabis derived terpenes—extracted in house by our team of expert lab technicians and hold the power of the entire cannabis plant unlike outsourced terpenes that have been stripped down and isolated into their simplest form.

Pax Era twisted stripes box

Pax ERA Pods

The Pax Era Pods are the perfect marriage of design and user experience. Stylish, discreet, and technology-forward, this system is light-weight and button-free, with instant heat up and cool down capability.

The Standard Distillate cart and black tube container

Distillate Carts

Distallate originates from oil extracted using hydrocarbon and CO2 methods. The oil is triple winterized and expertly distilled before we reintroduce cannabis derived terpenes in a ratio that’s sure to bring joy to your taste buds.

The Standard Raw CO2 cart and black tube container

Raw CO2 Carts

This CO2 extract is triple winterized ensuring a high-quality oil free of all fats, waxes, and lipids. It’s then blended with our favorite in-house cannabis-derived terpenes, resulting in a smooth, full-flavored, full-bodied vapor profile.

The Standard Live Resin cart and black tube container

Live Resin Carts

A high terpene, full spectrum extract that mirrors the taste and aroma, the fresh essence, of our plants. A patient favorite, our Live Resin delivers big flavor and the complete entourage effect.


A broad spectrum, mixed hydrocarbon extracted oil, flavored with Co2 extracted terpenes. Our syringe concentrates deliver a rich cannabis experience. A needle applicator is included to easily refill cartridges.

A white can with ginger, lemons, cherries, and coneflower


Strengthen your systems with our Ginger Lemon Boost Gummies to elevate your body’s defenses; Pineapple Basil Energy Gummies for a lift, and Lavender Lemonade Sleep Gummies to improve your sleep.

The Standard cannabis infuses chocolate


A combination two plant-medicine powerhouses—cacao and cannabis—to create a melt-in-your-mouth, mind-body experience. High in antioxidants, vegan, and gluten free.

A semi opened black container with a few delicious rapped caramels


With just a few simple ingredients—sugar, butter, cream and vanilla (and THC distillate of course!)—we’ve created your new favorite edible. It’s the sweet and delicious kind of chewy that leaves just enough flavor in your mouth!

A white can with passion fruit colored gummies


Made with delicious all-natural ingredients, a delicious and exactly dosed treat with real, fresh, carefully curated fruit juice and a dusting of sugar. Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free.
A white can with a stack of red and a stack of yellow gummies

Solventless Rosin Gummies

Made using the same all-natural ingredients that patients have grown to love and are infused with our live rosin. Our Solventless Gummies provide patients full spectrum relief paired with the entourage effect.
The Standard Multy Flavor Gummy tin

Multi Flavor Gummy Tin

Can’t decide which great gummy flavor to buy? No problem, you can now savor all the flavors in one simple gummy tin! These gummies are the same natural formula as our regular gummies except we combine three tasty flavors in one Standard gummy tin.

Transdermal Patch

The Manna™ Patch is a precisely dosed, extended release adhesive patch that enables absorption of cannabinoids through your skin in an easy and no hassle way. It’s the discreet way to experience full body relief all day and night.


Experience relief and relaxation with this local application, 1:1 salve that provides long lasting effects. This all-natural topical combines the pain relief properties of cannabis and essential oils to alleviate your discomfort.